About me

I am Agnė Gilytė, a stylist and wardrobe consultant. I’m a fast talker, fast thinker, and at the risk of sounding cliché, I admit that I love my job insanely.

From an early age, I knew that one day I would become a designer. Over the years, I’ve worked as a magazine fashion editor and later became the writer (two books about style, actually, all time Lithuanian bestsellers) and co-founder of the fashion image house.

Seeing how certain pieces and styles can make women feel happy and confident or give an extra boost to carry themselves accordingly, I instantly became interested in conscious dressing. I put my thoughts into the book about style as a way to express individuality and started working as a personal wardrobe consultant and personal shopper.

With each workday, I became more aware of what my customers were missing, and that’s how I got to where I am now.

Today, I can’t imagine my life without two projects that give women joy, harmony, and self-confidence. In the jewellery bar "BIŽU by Agnė Gilytė," you’ll find cherry-picked jewellery from different designer collections all around the world. 

“CAPSULE by Agnė Gilytė” combines classic sophistication with modern utility. With versatile and universal capsule pieces, you will be able to create tens of different outfits without cluttering your closet.

With love,
Agnė Gilytė


“CAPSULE by Agnė Gilytė” – is a collection of quality, versatile clothes that will ensure an easy answer to your morning wardrobe dilemmas. It was born seeking to help women tame impulsive shopping, seasonal trends, fashion impracticality, and poor quality clothes that need to be replaced every season. 

The philosophy behind the capsule wardrobe is inspired by the idea of making more with less. With “mix-and-match” capsule pieces, you can create tens of different outfits without cluttering your closet.

These clothes don’t compromise on quality and can be worn all seasons.The capsule wardrobe combines classic sophistication with modern utility. It consists of versatile, everyday wear: quality cotton shirts, skirts, turtleneck tops, pants, jackets, dresses, coats, knitwear and blouses.The color pallet is minimalist, neutral with dominating tones of black, white, grey, and accent colors like sky blue, red, burgundy and some prints.

These clothes are easily paired with each other and perfectly matches both the laid back weekend mood as well as a casual day at work.The capsule wardrobe clothes, materials, and silhouettes are designed by Lithuanian stylist and wardrobe consultant Agnė Gilytė. Working in the fashion industry for many years Agnė knows stylish wardrobe essentials every woman should own.

Take a step to simplicity.